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by BB Cream

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R__ Writing catchy melodies is not easy and this album has some nice melodies. Favorite track: Mother Nature.
Bryton J. Swan
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Bryton J. Swan Wonderful good and lovely!!! yahoo!! Favorite track: See You In The Next Life.
Lee P
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Lee P BB Cream is the only band that exists. Favorite track: See You In The Next Life.
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fln i cant stop crying and it's a good thing Favorite track: Marc Bolan.
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Casual Hex Records 001


released April 13, 2016

All music by BB Cream:
Alanna Why – Guitar, vocals
Jon Brownlee – Bass, tambourine
Kurt Grunsky – Drums

Except for “See You in the Next Life,” with the line-up as follows:
Alanna Why – Bass, vocals
Jon Brownlee – Drums
Kurt Grunsky – Guitar, vocals

All words by Alanna, except for “Sing a Song” by Alanna and Jon.
Recorded February 2016 by "DOWN"PAT at the K-Hole.
Production assistance by Dylan Lauzon and Sacha Kingston-Wayne.
Cover art by Malaika “Flloraal” Astorga.
Band photo by Kai Thorpe.

Additional thanks to: Casual Hex, K-Hole, Ottawa Explosion, Debaser, Gaycation (RIP), Pressed, CHUO, CKCU, City Slang, The National Hum, “Booger” Brie Moreno, Green Day, Prince, Buddy Holly (the dog), MUSI 1002A, Twitter, the 94 Millennium, Gilmore Girls, Zumba



all rights reserved


BB Cream Ottawa, Ontario

"You sound like Colleen Green and Gob. And I love Gob." - Lesley Demon


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Track Name: Mother Nature
Wednesday night with nothing to do
I got a bottle of wine and few screws loose
It's cool, cause honey you do too

We can go to the beach or we can go to the show
Or we can just hang out, but still I want to know
When can I kiss you?

Well she took my hand
Then she took my arm
Then she took my lips
Then she took my heart

Schmering in the park with skate teens around
Tried to get up, but she fell back to the ground
Didn't bother to hide our sounds

When you leave tomorrow don't forget today
It's been a lonely summer, but I'll see you in May
It was all I could say

She said she looked like Mother Nature
With all the leaves in her hair
She said, “Please don't think I hate you.”
Well I wouldn't dare

She said she looked like Mother Nature
With all the leaves in her hair
She said, “Please don't think I hate you,”
“I love you and take care.”
Track Name: Narcissus
I am obsessed with myself because no one else is
I go to sleep before I know I should
I like to feel indulgent
I prefer to wake up alone
I'm not scared of seeing people
I just don't think that I like them

But maybe we can make a second date
Or maybe it's too little too late
I never know what I want

I have sex with myself because no one else will
I look in mirrors all the time
I have no chill
I sit and stare at my phone
I wait for you to call me just to say
I wanna stay at home

But maybe I'll ask you out again
Or maybe I'll just stop pretending
I never know what I want

Sorry, I think I'm just an asshole
Track Name: Heroine
Drinking 40s in the back
Of his brand new stolen Cadillac
I took a swig from his bottle of gin
While he was singing the Velvet's Heroin
Loves to think that we're all so free
But he don't give a shit about me

He thinks slumming it is where it's at
Asks if I've read Kerouac
Hand on thigh, the line is blurred
“You're so cute, you don't need words.”
I guess that's why I don't trust men
Because it's always about the hero
Not the heroine

You could be my hero
And I'd never be alone
You could be my hero
But right now
I think I need to be my own
Track Name: Sing A Song
Don't come around here
Don't come around here no more
I don't want to hear
I don't want to hear no more

I hate the person that you've become
Hate the way it all came undone
I know I was born to run
But you were what made it unfun

So why does this still hurt?
I feel everything
I feel too much
When you're around
You know I still blush

Sing a song and try to mourn all of the hearts you've broken
Sing a song and try to pretend like we had a purpose
Sing a song but don't forget my name is stitched in your sheets
Sing a song but please don't mistake this for forgiveness
Track Name: Good Girl
I am 18-year-old girl
Living in the suburbs
Looking for another
To play music with me
You are 18-year-old boy
Bangs too long and muscles strong
I already know
That you've got power over me

And I think I wanna kiss you
But I think I'd rather be you
And you don't feel the same way
I know because it's always been true

I don't want to be a good girl
But I don't like to make mistakes
I wanna hold you in my arms
Until you want to break up with me
It's the brunette nice girl glasses curse
Yes I know it could be worse
But I don't wanna be a good girl

I look like Buddy Holly
But I get none of the courtesy
That you take when you a sing
A girl's voice still means nothing
And it sounds worse too
I guess we're just too shrill for you
I'll take the bass, you'll take the rest
We both know that I'm second best

They say blondes and bad boys have more fun
But I don't know, I'm neither one
Track Name: 6 Dog
My friend said you look like
How listening to Weezer sounds
And I get so excited
When your band plays in my town
And we get to talk
20 minutes is just enough
For me to mess up
For you to make me blush

You're so old and I'm so young
It is just what it is
Well you're so old and so young
But age is just a cup we're all sipping from

So don't leave Toronto
No don't move away
Because I'll be there in two years
Promise me that you'll stay
You'll stay

In my head we feel like
How listening to Nap Eyes sounds
I can't say that to you
My brain goes dead when you're around
And when you play
You know I'll dance and look away
Cause I don't have the courage to say

And I know I'm just nineteen
But we could be like Megg and Mog
If only you wanted me
I'd be your 6 Dog
Track Name: See You In The Next Life
I don't blame you for not loving me
But every time the phone rings
My heart aches
Why won't you let me be?
Nothing's ever as good as it on the first day
So when the future never comes
The game is rigged
And not in my way

If not in this life, then in the next
We'll be together, forever, maybe, I guess
You know that I'm a fool for love, luck and lust
I'll bet my cards on the stars to show fate that I trust you

I'll see you in the next life

I don't blame you for wanting me
But ever since the day he left
Well it takes so much for me to see
That not all love is pain
You know the universe plays games
To see if we will ever change
Or if we'll just sing the refrain again
Track Name: Pool Hall
Drank the pool hall out of twisted ice teas voluntarily I reached for your arm unprovoked I cried when we last spoke but now we shoot the shit meaningless nothing good will come of this detour was an empty score and I can't believe that you're still it

And I know you think I hate you, but I don't
I'm just learning how to love myself

Where did the year go where did my fears come from when it all came undone and why didn't you say so when we first met you wouldn't look me in the eyes are what he noticed when he spoke so low that they could hypnotize me with all the memories of the day that was a sad surprise

And I know I used to hate you, now I don't
Seems I'm learning how to love myself
Track Name: Do U Wanna
Blurry pictures of you on my phone
I can't stand it when we're not alone
Are you ever going to take me home?
Or will I keep on dancing on my own?

I want to tell you, but I'm just too shy
I don't know, I can't tell you why
I sit and think and think and sigh
Why do I run away after I say hi?

It's getting kind of late
And I think you're kind of great

Do you wanna
Are you gonna
Dance with me
Like I wanna

Do you wanna
Are you gonna
Dance with me
In my dreams

Hanging out outside the show
Down the corner of Bank and Gladstone
Did the liquor store already close?
Need the liquid courage just to say hello

I know you know you're on my mind
And I cross yours from time to time
But I'm to blame for all I whine
That you could already be mine
Track Name: Marc Bolan
Take me to your bed
Tell me all the things she never said
I want to get into your head

Let me be your Marc Bolan
Slip inside your rock'n'rollin
You are the only one

So do you hear what I'm saying?
I swear I'm not faking
When I tell you I love you
More than you will ever know
Please stay
Don't ever go away
So do you hear what I'm saying?
I could not be faking this for you

Lock you in my room
Every other thought is on mute
You're all I'm into

Try to take back what you've stolen
Lost my heart and guess who owns it?
You are my number one