Rose Petal Pie

by BB Cream

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released November 24, 2016

All music by BB Cream:
Alanna Why – Guitar, vocals
Jon Brownlee – Bass, tambourine, drums, vocals
Kurt Grunsky – Drums, bass, trumpet, piano, vocals

All words by Alanna, except for “Gentle Lover” by Alanna and Jon and “Compulsory” by Kurt.

Recorded and mixed October-November 2016 by “DOWN”PAT in Kurt's parent's basement.

Cover art by Clara Talajic.



all rights reserved


BB Cream Ottawa, Ontario

"You sound like Colleen Green and Gob. And I love Gob." - Lesley Demon


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Track Name: Burner
It wasn't love at first sight
It was hardly like
You were there and I was scared
So I left because it didn't feel right
Light a candle for the years pass
You and I clean up our acts
Go slow, let's start again
Now I know I'm here to last

I think I knew you from somewhere before
I think I always knew but I'm a slow learner
I think I knew you from somewhere before
I think I always knew that you were my slow burner

It wasn't love at first kiss
Not when we both missed
I was there and you were scared
Terrified because it finally felt right
Light a candle, turn the lights off
Feel strong but we're both soft
Go slow, let's start again
Now I know I'm here to last
Track Name: Prayed 4
I prayed for blood
I didn't see it
I asked for a pill
Said I didn't need it

So won't you take this light outside me?
Because there can't be two if there's only three

Do we all have songs like this
Written in a journal somewhere
Never to be found
Never to be talked about
Next time I swear I'm going full six
Next time I swear I won't ever do this

I pass the house
He took it from me
And now it's gone
And I feel relief

So won't you fill this hole inside me?
Because there can't be two if there's only three
Track Name: Compulsory
Tell me what's your name
How do you play this game
Cause I don't know
Lightning struck my face
And I lost touch
So long ago
Television actors
Demonstrate it must be right
But can we change the subject
I'll be your object
For tonight

But I'm all tied up
And it feels so strange
Like I'm dancing with myself
And this history
So compulsory
I know I wanted something else

If I cross that line
Will I be welcome
Back again
Is this for attention
Is it real or just pretend
Smiling faces sometimes
Make you feel so all alone
But I won't pick a side
You'll never break
My heart of stone

Where have all the good boys gone?
I can't find them, I can't find them
Track Name: Don't Make Friends (Based On Band Shirts)
Don't make friends based on band shirts
Had to learn the hard way, the soft way didn't work
Only needed me to fill your hollow needs
With friends like you, you know I'd rather be lonely

Let's raise a glass to all the hurt you caused me
It made me different, it made me believe

Never thought I could go past you
Never thought I could move on
Never thought I could go past you
Never thought I could be ascending

I think about what would have been
If we never met, if we were never friends
Would it all have worked out? Would I still be the same?
Would I still be standing here, singing these words today?

Don't make your friends based on band shirts
Don't leave your house, you'll only get hurt
Track Name: Gentle Lover
I want to be more than friends
But also still friends
I don't have a car
Do you have a bike?
I left my journal
At your house
I know you read it
I know you know
I'd never do that to you
I hold you in very high esteem

I'm a gentle lover
Say that you'll be mine
I'm a gentle lover
Loving you gently
All the time

I made you a cupcake
You can't have gluten
But you still ate
The cherry on top
Thanks a lot
You knit me a blanket
It took you three months
I bought you a pendant
You said don't use that word

I said I liked music
You said that you didn't
So I wrote you a song
You'll never hear it
Track Name: 3 AM
Sleepy eyes shut before I could say a word
And I know you don't do this to all the other girls
Am I too smart or too ugly or just really not your type?
I would leave right now, except the buses don't run after midnight

You didn't want to fuck at 3 AM, you didn't want to fuck at 3 AM
So I'm going home alone this time again
You didn't want to fuck at 3 AM, you didn't want to fuck at 3 AM
So I going home unsatisfied again

Said I could stay as long as I wanted as long as I left soon
So I got my leather jacket and I walked and talked with the moon
You get a blue ribbon for being selfish but I'm a close second place
Because I walked right out of your front door
And I didn't look back to see your face

You're a lazy lover and a disappointment
But I'm an obsessive and I enjoy it
Am I tired of you, or am I just bored of me
Track Name: Melody
Your leopard print tights
Drum sticks crashing into me
Cause sleepless nights
You're so smart and funny
We like all the same bands
But I don't understand
Would you want to hold my hand?
Would you want me to be your man?

I know I've got some competition
I don't mean to obsess
I just want all of your attention
I don't mean to get jealous
You don't want me
Oh let's be real
In my dreams it'd be surreal
You and me would be the ideal

What's wrong with me?
I've got something she could never have
What's wrong with me?
I've got nothing he won't ever have
Track Name: Want 2
Stuble beer gut brown hair
Sly wit sly boy potential
Band shirt washed twice, Speed Stick smells nice
Say the word and darling, I'll be there

Cause the heart wants what it wants and baby
Well I want you

Lipstick nose ring blue hair
Short skirt short girl potential
Matching glasses and Big Star patches
Say the word and darling, I'll be there

The heart wants what it wants and baby
Well I want two
Track Name: Half Right
It's not me, it's you, and someone else too
But who's counting who? I guess that you lose
I'm not heartless, my heart's just hardened
I'm not restless, my mind's just still on him

Said I didn't care about anyone but myself
Well you were half right

I'm sorry to say you were a mistake
The fool was at work instead of fate
If we met again, got another turn
I'm sorry, I'd still be this stubborn

Said I didn't care about anyone but myself
Oh, come on
Track Name: Rose Petal Pie
And when I leave here I want you to know
That you made me who I am today
And if I never said it
I hope you saw it in my smile
And I know I never thanked you
For all the hope you gave me
You didn't even know you did
Just by showing up

I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss you
Miss us, miss them, miss this
But I know that no one ever really leaves forever
And that nothing ever really ends
And I'll hold the kindness you showed me
In my heart until I die
I don't know where I'm going to go from here
But with that I'll be okay

You are the one that I adore
You are the one I ignore
I know that we're both shy
But I think I'm gonna tell you
Gonna bake a rose petal pie